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MOI V Curriculum

Components of the Curriculum

The Curriculum is a main part of the education within the Graduate School and mandatory for every PhD student. It basically contains of the following modules:

The lecture part includes 5 semesters and ist strctured in the basic lecture "Immunology and Biology of Infection", the special lecture "Mechanisms of Infection" as well as a seminar series in which every fellow will have to hold a presentation by him/herself.

The MOI fellows will attend each others lab for 1-2 weeks to get insights into the various research areas of infectious biology and diverse lab techniques.

MOI V supports participation in six workshops to improve important soft skills, e.g. presenting science, communication in science, publishing results,...

A stay abroad of about 6 weeks is mandatory for every MOI V PhD student and is financially supported by the Graduate School. 

In the frame of the yearly MOI Symposia every fellow not only present their state of work but also participate in the organisation of the event, like e.g. by inviting guest spearkers.

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